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Tech & Data Analytics

Understand customers, evaluate & optimize campaigns across platforms: Marketing Tracking for Digital Campaigns & Social Media.

Full-service integrator instead of a media planner

Regarding social media campaigns, we don’t define ourselves as a conventional media agency but as a full-service integrator and growth engine for your brand.

In addition to creation and planning, social media advertising also includes a fair amount of technology. We combine planning & creation with a strong understanding of technology and data. This way, we are always one step ahead of others.

Social media is and becomes more and more technical and systematic.

Conversion API, domain verification, and event match quality (EMQ) are foreign words to you? Not for us. We know our way around technology and data on all social media platforms.

That’s why we start by reviewing and optimizing your technical setup and tracking to get more out of your data. We use data analysis, research and in-depth insights to optimize your marketing.

Your advantage: You recognize trends immediately and can thus make quick decisions and implement recommendations for action. This puts your brand in the right place at the right time!

We use Whatagraph, a visual marketing tracking tool for data-driven analytics & reporting, to analyze & optimize social media campaigns.

Account and campaign setup and check

For Meta Business Manager - Implementation of Conversion API, Pixel, Tracking, Product Catalogs

Tracking and marketing software

Analysis, implementation and setup of tracking and marketing software for your website or store - of course DSGVO compliant

E-commerce Customer Journey

Conception and setup of meta pixel events for tracking the e-commerce customer journey

Consulting & Implementation App Tracking Transparency

Consulting & implementation Measures for Apple's App Tracking Transparency, e.g. domain verification, event prioritization, aggregated measurement, reporting

Optimization of your Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

Review your product catalog (improve matching rate) to optimize your Dynamic Ads

The use of machine learning algorithms in online marketing allows us to better understand individual needs and preferences of your target groups and adapt our marketing strategies accordingly.

Tjorge OrlitzPerformance Marketing Manager, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Our projects

Our online campaigns and digital projects are impressive – we successfully implement tech and data analytics projects for companies from various industries.

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We are Meta Business Partner

We were awarded Meta Business Partner with expert marketing campaign know-how. This makes us one of the best agencies in Germany. We are very proud of this and are happy to be able to offer you exclusive added value for your digital success on Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp.

To the K1 profile in the meta partner directory

Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.

Online marketing

Whether it’s more awareness, more interactions, or more conversions, we develop effective campaigns for the social media channels your target audience is on.

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Social Media & Content

We emotionally charge your brand with content and make sure it stays in the conversation. With images, sound, video and text – or a suitable influencer.

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