Build likeability and prepare leads with branding and performance campaigns via social media

SIGNAL IDUNA is one of the largest insurance companies in the German market. It is a partner to tradesmen, retailers and private households when it comes to pension provision and insurance. With its holistic sustainability strategy, SIGNAL IDUNA goes far beyond fulfilling regulatory obligations.

A picture is worth a thousand words – and a film? Standing out on social media is a big challenge with the flood of content these days. That’s why we developed our very own illustration and animation style for SIGNAL IDUNA. With short explanatory reels, we package each topic vividly and get to the point.

Strategy & Implementation
  • Development and implementation of the sales funnel
  • Support of the Meta-Business Manager
  • Strategic & operational campaign planning
  • KPI-based campaign implementation, controlling & optimization with focus on reach, emotionalization of the brand and lead preparation
  • Creation of advertising materials (illustration & animation, photo/video, text, image editing)

Increase reach especially in younger target groups, generate qualified website traffic and generate sales.

Through our illustration style and eye-catching explainer videos and reels, we were able to celebrate many a success last year and further strengthen the SIGNAL IDUNA brand in social media as well.

Lina BachCreative Direction, Design, Illustration

Carefree at festivals

In our Instagram reel, we show how to stay safe in the midst of the festival hustle and bustle so you can party without a care in the world.

Travel mishaps

In our reel “Journey to Absurdistan: Welcome to the Vacation Breakdown Show!” we address unforeseen events during the vacations.

Carnival fun with safety

Our QuestionOfTheDay “Are you ready for Carnival? shows that with liability insurance, you can embark on being a radio marionette without a care in the world.

Chuck Norris meets insurance

We’re using the cult of Chuck Norris jokes to put SIGNAL IDUNA in the spotlight by turning the jokes on insurance.

Wham! An Easter hit becomes a Christmas song

In 1984, the record company pushes for the release of a Christmas song. George Michael goes back to the existing song “Last Easter” and adapts the lyrics for Christmas. A creative transformation that we are thrilled to present in our reel.

Moped insurance: Ready for March 1!

Our video brings romance and information together: Discover the optimal moped insurance, accompany a couple on a moped to the sunset, learn why the license plate changes color and be well prepared for March 1!

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